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Robin Packalen Rest In Beat Facemask

Robin Packalen Rest In Beat Facemask

  • Color: black
  • 100% cotton 3-layer
  • Printed in Finland

Please note regarding facemasks (Source: Tukes)

-The facemask is not a respirator and is not classified as protective equipment.
-The facemask may protect others around you from respiratory droplet infection. Despite wearing the mask, please remember to follow the official recommendations. Stay home when possible, keep a 1-2 meter distance to other people and wash your hands with soap.
-Put the facemask on with clean hands and refrain from touching the mask while wearing. The facemask should not be removed and re-used without washing. A dirty facemask can spread viruses.
-Remove the facemask by touching only the straps, and insert it straight into a washing machine or a plastic bag. Wash your hands and the facemask after every use. You can wash the facemask at 60°C.
-Because the facemask needs to be washed after every use, it may be advisable to purchase more than one.
-Cardiovascular disease, asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease may prevent you from being able to wear the facemask.


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