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Bentality – Twenty Something CD

1. Wannabes (intro) feat. Militant Mack
2. Blackfire feat. B.O.W. & Jepa Lambert
3. Switching Mode feat. Ace Bugatti
4. Can’t Get Enough
5. Ain’t Worried feat. King Swiff
6. The Moneytown (skit) feat. Militant Mack
7. Nothing Compared To You feat. Jonna Geagea
8. Fortunes
9. Your Eyes
10. Game Recognize Game (skit) feat. Militant Mack
11. Family feat. Brando
12. Round ’n round feat. Redrama
13. Got Your Back
14. When It Get So Hot
15. Thank God I Found Hip Hop (skit)
16. Count On Me

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